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$29 Voucher for 500 Photos Scanned to Digital/DVD

$29 Voucher for 500 Photos Scanned to Digital/DVD
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  • Step 1. Create an account by clicking here
  • Step 2. Select your upgrades & print out this official order form
  • Step 3. Pack your photos and include filled out order form AND Deal Site Voucher.
    To pack your photos they must be 4x6. If you want to add large or smaller sizes please select our Scan different sizes upgrade option (this will allow different of sizes to be sent).Photos must be grouped in the proper sizes, for example group all 4x6’s with all 4x6’s and then put an elastic band around them, do the rest of the photos. If photos are mixed than our service of Scanning in order must be required. All photos are in rectangular shape, no newspapers or clippings, they must be photo material and must be able to bend and/or curl. We do not accept any copyright photos. This service is for photos and not negative or photo slides.











IMPORTANT NOTE: For this deal we are only accepting 4”x6” photographs. No other sizes may be submitted unless you add the option for Scan different size upgrade: which is an additional $14.95. This will allow you to send different sizes of photos. See Scan different size upgrade below.

By submitting this you agree to our terms and conditions on our website and that if my order is not properly submitted it will possibly incur additional charges and/or fees. This agreement is for deal sites for 600 photo scans deal, if you have less than 500 photo scans the same price still applies. If your order has more than 600 photos each additional photo will be charged at $.15cents each in 300dpi and $.25cents each in 600dpi.

Submitting any tangible or electronic media, data, files, sd card or similar, disc, device, film, print, slide or other handling, constitutes an agreement than any damage or loss to it by our digitizeyourworld.ca, subsidiary or agents, even though by our negligence or other fault, is without liability. Recovery for any incidental or consequential damages is excluded. No warranty is provided.

The undersigned hereby warrants that the images & photos being sent to digitizeyourworld.ca a division of Connectsim for scanning is not protected by copyright owned by another or that if material is protected the undersigned has obtained the permission of the copyright owner to scan & digitize the materials.

Select from our discounted photo scan options (available for Groupon or similar deal sites) You will select your options at the bottom.

Scan in order upgrade : Special discount for deal sites $14.95.

This feature will have our photo technicians scan your photos in the order received. Our photo technicians will also create folders on the DVD to help organize your bundled photos by the appropriate names you select. For example if you send 200 4”x6” photos wrapped with an elastic band and a cue card naming them “SUMMER 1990” we will create a folder on the DVD called SUMMER 1990 with the 200 4”x6” photos in that folder.

The best way to organize your photos is to have them in an elastic band grouped by their size and add a CUE card with the Title of the folder you would like named. A limit of 20 folders for each scan in order upgrade. If you require more folders each additional 20 folders is $14.95.

This special package is for 600 photos in 4x6 size for $70.00. Add this item to your shopping cart, customers pay for the shipping to our location in Markham (or drop it off) and we ship your photos and digitized photos back to you for free. Scanning photos can preserve your memories for years to come! Our Photo scanning experts use the most advanced photo equipment in the market. Come to our office located in the Markham, Ontario area minutes across from Markville Shopping Mall. We use a combination of the highest quality flatbed scanners from Epson, Canon, Kodak and more.  We also provide flat rate services for your shoe box full of photo’s at competitive rates. Call us now to have your digital memories converted. Call us for pricing that you don’t see below! We use high quality DVD for storing. Add either a USB drive or portable hard drive for your scanned digital images at an extra cost. Resolution 300 DPI is fine for most photo scanning orders, but if you want a true archival quality image or plan on printing at sizes larger than the original then 600 DPI resolution option is for you. It is only a few cents more for 4 times the amount of data.

Scan different sizes upgrade : Special discount for deal sites $14.95.

This feature will also allow you to include photos as small as 2”x3” and as large as 8”x10”. Photos must be grouped in by their size. With an elastic band around each group of photos. Loose photos will not be accepted. Photo albums, slides or negatives will also not be accepted.
Expedited Scan Service : Special discount for deal sites $30.
This feature will have your order in our priority scan services which typically completes your order within 1-2 days. The average order will take 4-6 weeks of receipt.
Photo Scrub Option : Special discount for deal sites $15.
This feature will enhance your photos to restore color and touch up areas where needed.

Our most popular add-on! This feature will enhance your photos. Our computerized software tool performs the following on your photos to enhance and bring out the best quality out of your old photos;

Adjust color and contrast, optimizes exposure, brightness and colors while preserving your photos, restores color balance & removes color contrast while preserving color brightness. Each picture enhancement is unique and changes will differ from picture to picture. Every photo is adjusted differently and our software may correct some images more than others images. Individual results may vary.

Red Eye Removal : Special discount for deal sites $25.

Our photoshop expert will remove the red eyes in your pictures.
Optional Upload first 100 photos to our secure web gallery to share with your friends and family $25.00: FREE!
Photos are hosted with a secure 6 digit password for an unlimited time. This option is FREE with any deal site coupon. The 100 photos that you would like posted online need to be inserted in a ziplock bag with a note indicating that these are the 100 photos to be posted on our secure web gallery.

Note: For this service you will need to select the photo rotation so your photos can be viewed right side up on our gallery.

Upload the remaining 400 photos to our secure web gallery share with your friends and family : Special discount for deal sites $50

Photos are hosted with a secure 6 digit password for an unlimited time. The 400 photos that you would like posted online need to be inserted in a ziplock bag with a note indicating that these are the photos to be posted on our secure web gallery.
Upgrade to 1200 dpi scanning: Special discount for deal sites $25.
We now have the ability to scan your photos in 1200 dpi thanks to the all new Kodak line of business professional scanners. This feature will allow you to have your smallest photos printable and viewable in large format. When scanning in 1200 dpi it will allow you to take a photo as small as 2x3 or 4x6 and display it to a large digital 16x24 image without losing any quality. In our opinion we always recommend 1200 dpi (the more pixels the better) as you can always take the photos that were scanned in 1200 dpi and print them in a larger format. (THIS UPGRADE COMES WITH 3 ADDITIONAL FREE DVD'S)
Photo Rotation : Special discount for deal sites $15.
This feature will enable all of your photos to be scanned upright so no need to perform lengthy editing and rotate each image and save them on the hard drive.
8gb usb thumb drive : Special discount for deal sites $15
(Along with your DVD and photos we will add an 8GB USB thumb drive with your photos on them).
DVD SLIDESHOW  : Special discount for deal sites $30.

We will create you your very own customized photo slide show that can be played on your DVD player. Please select 30 photos and insert them in a zip lock bag with a cue card named slide show. Please fill out the information below for your custom slide show:

Extra DVD  : Special discount for deal sites $5.



All orders are returned with your original photos and the DVD/DVD’s. If you require express shipping please contact our office.
Voucher Information - Please include your voucher in your box  of photos with your order form/receipt printed.  Please submit your voucher # in the notes on the checkout screen. All payments are handled through paypal and directed to our parent company Connectsim. www.digitizeyourworld.ca a division of Connectsim.
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Our price: C$ 29.00
Scan in order upgrade
Scan different sizes upgrade
Expedited Scan Service
Photo Scrub Option
Red Eye Removal
Upload first 100 photos
Upload the remaining 400 photos
Upgrade to 1200 dpi scanning
Photo Rotation
8gb usb thumb drive
Extra DVD
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