NOTE: our address has changed, we are now located at 145 Riviera drive unit 1, Markham, Ontario, L3R 5J6, 905 472 2710. Please ensure that you send your photos or film to our new address.

For customers who purchased the groupon deal on or after  July 13th/2013 please use this form to complete your order http://www.digitizeyourworld.ca/photoscanningform600/


When purchasing your photoscanning deal please ensure that you fill out our form http://www.digitizeyourworld.ca/photoscanningform/ Or click here for the link


If you are adding videos,vhs', beta, super 8 reels, 8mm tapes or other video's you will receive a 10% discount off of our website prices. This offer is only valid for deal site offers such as Groupon & Teambuy or other.

Please ensure your photos are packaged properly, they must be 4x6 in size for this deal. If you have smaller or larger photos our Scan different sizes upgrade must be purchased for $14.95. You must seperate your photos to be bundled by the same sizes. For example put an elastic band around all the 4"x6" photos, another elastic band around 5"x7", another elastic band around the other sizes that match.

If you require folders in a dvd to seperate the photos by date you must select our Scan in order upgrade for $14.95. This feature will have your photos scanned in the order sent to us with specific folders labeled in your DVD. For example if you had pictures from your wedding 1970 you would group these photos together in an elastic band and write on a cue card Our Wedding 1970 (put the cue card in the front of the first photo with an elastic band). When you receive your DVD you will see specific organized folders and one named our wedding 1970 containing those photos from your wedding in 1970.

When adding videos, vhs', 8mm tapes and more to be converted to DVD please make sure they are packaged properly and a box that just fits the items (to help reduce shipping costs). We recommend adding newspaper or bubble wrap to help protect your photos and videos.

To best prepare your photos we recommend having the least amount of dust, speckles, adhesive from photo albums, oil from finger prints or dirt removed or blown off the batch of photos as these tiny particles will show up as streaks on the photos.

Our office and shipping address is: digitizeyourworld.ca a division of Connectsim, 15 Heritage Road unit 3, Markham, Ontario, L3P 3T1, Canada. Store hours Mon-Sat, 12pm-6pm.

Q: Why have digitizeyourworld.ca scan my photos?
A: Not only will we perform all the necessary colour correction, red eye removal and photo restoration but we are one of the only companies in Toronto that will host all your photos on our password protected website for FREE (for the first 100 photos)! That's right each customer gets a unique password that will provide them secure access to view and share your photos online with you and your loved ones.

Q: Why choose us?
A: Our team consists of photo editing and scanning experts so they have all the tools and knowledge to make necessary adjustments to all your precious photos and videos. We also carry the latest digital equipment to properly transfer all of pictures and videos. We also have no hidden fees so what you see on our website page is what you will pay in our store or if you ship them to us.

Q: Will my photos and videos be safe with digitizeyourworld?
A: Yes! Each time you bring or ship your photos to us one of our digital technicians will carefully seal your videos and photos in a zip lock bag and then seal them in a dust & water proof container.

Q: What type of 8mm film reels do you scan?
A: We can transfere silent regular 8mm film and silent super 8mm film to DVD or blu-ray.

Q: What format of 35mm photos do you scan?
A: We scan 35mm negatives and 35mm slides. We use the Nikon coolscan 5000ed machine to provide you with professional high quality results!

Q: Why wouldn't I scan the photos myself?
A: If you had 1000 photos it would take you an estimate time of 80 hours of scanning (10 months if you dedicate 2 hours every weekend). For as little as $.35cents a scan you can ship your items to us and spend no time or money on equipment that might not process the photos correctly.

Q: What does the term DPI mean? What DPI should I choose?
A: DPI stands for dots per inch. DPI is the amount of pixels per linear inch that a photo scanner will produce. If you scan your photo in a larger DPI your photo scan size will be much larger in kb size. We always recommend our customers to scan in a higher DPI format so they can get better quality resolution when viewing and for printing purposes. If you select a lower DPI scan format and decide to print the photos on a larger 8x10 or 5x7 sheet the quality or image may not look proper or blurry.

Q: How do I ship my items to you?
A: Please contact our customer service toll free line at 1-888-411-5611 or local in the Greater Toronto area at 905 472 2710 and one of our representatives will assist you. Once you receive your final quotation or price simply put the photos and videos in a box with newspaper or bubble wrap to protect them and ship them to our office
Attention Digitizeyourworld.ca a division of Connectsim 15 Heritage road unit 3, Markham, Ontario, L3P 3T1

Q: Is there a minimum order for shipping our items to you and who pays the shipping?
A: The minimum order amount for shipped items is $100.00. Customers pay for the shipping to our location and our company pays for the shipping back.

Q: How long will it take to process or scan my photos and videos?
A: Most orders take an average of 4-6 weeks not including the shipping time.

Q: What if I need my order rushed?
A: We offer a rush delivery service where your order will be put in our priority shelf which will take 7-12 days to process.

Q: What format should I choose to transfer?
We recommend transferring all format to DVD because a DVD can hold more data and information.

Q: What is a DVD authoring and how much is it?
A: DVD authoring is the process of creating a DVD video capable of playing on a DVD player. When you insert a DVD from us it will be exactly like inserting a professional DVD which you buy in a store. We use professional video editing software to create the perfect video footage. This DVD will have chapters and menus which you can select from. The DVD authoring fee is FREE for the first DVD and Still FREE for each additional DVD needed. Most companies will charge you this fee but we don't.

Q: How will you organize my photos?
A: We will organize the photos on the DVD the way each group was sent to us. You must purchase our scan in order upgrade to allow this feature for organizing scans by the group they come in.

For example if you pack your photos in 1 large box and in the box are 3 large envelopes (i.e. written on the envelope Sam's bday, Chris's bday, Sarah's wedding) with 3 different groups of photos. We will create a folder on the DVD named Sam's bday which will include all the photos that were in the envelope named Sam's bday etc. etc.

Q: How many super & regular 8mm film reels will fit on one DVD?
A: Approximately 900-1000 feet will fit on one DVD.

Q: How is the quality of the super 8mm film reel transfer?
A: We are one of the only companies in Toronto that use telecine technology to transfer your film into HD / high definition quality.

Q: What is a DVD slideshow?
A: A DVD slideshow is a group of photos (that you choose) put together on a DVD with songs of your choice. This is great show for weddings, anniversaries and more. This type of slideshow will play on most DVD players. We offer this feature for a very low price.

Q: Can I share my photos with my friends and family?
A: Yes with all scanned photos ordered from us you receive free lifetime photo uploading on our secure website which is password protected. The first 100 photos are hosted online for free. Just simply share the secure code with your friends and family to view your precious photos. You can also download, order and/or print each photo.

Q: What is the best method of contacting digitizeyourworld.ca?
A: Please contact our office at 905-472-2710 or email us at info@digitizeyourworld.ca

Q: Do you require a deposit for shipped orders?
A: No we don't.

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