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Negative 35mm at 1200dpi

Negative 35mm at 1200dpi
We provide negative scanning for a wide variety of formats such as 35mm, 120/220, and more. We can scan up 4000 DPI using DIGITALICE4. All Photo transfer and scanning services after completed are stored on our gallery website for your family & friends to share online. No additional charge to have them upload securely and password protected on our secure photo sharing site. Call us now to have your digital memories converted.
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500 Photos Scanned to Digital/DVD
35mm at 1200dpi
1000 Photos Scanned to Digital/DVD
C$ 29.00
C$ 0.45
C$ 39.00
35mm at 2000dpi
35mm at 4000dpi
Negative 35mm at 2000dpi
C$ 0.75
C$ 0.85
C$ 1.30
HD 3 Inch Reel (50ft)
HD 5 Inch Reel (200ft)
HD 7 Inch Reel (400ft)
C$ 20.00
C$ 65.00
C$ 105.00

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