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35mm at 1200dpi

35mm at 1200dpi
High quality scanning is what we are well known for. We respect the time and effort you've put in to taking and developing the photos, and we are willing to do the same for you. Each slide will be manually cleaned by one of our most gentle employees. This will ensure clean, spotless scans. We only use professional grade equipment, Nikon super cool scan 5000 ed & Epson perfection v700. High quality equipment is the key to reaching high quality results. The slides are scanned at the very high resolution which gives you big files enabling you to print them out later at bigger size and amazing quality with absolutely no loss of details. After we have all of the slides in our system, they are sent to photo editor who will adjust levels, color correct the image, and remove any remaining imperfection.

- Starting at $.35cents/ 35mm slide at 1200dpi. We use professional grade equipment (Nikon super cool scan 5000 ed)
Our price: C$ 0.45
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