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For those of you who are familiar with our parent corporation Ink Doodle Inc. or our parent company has added a new line of trade show products that are geared towards businesses or companies who are looking for corporate identity wide format prints. We receive a lot of calls daily on this new product line with a lot of customers asking, is the quality good? Does the banner curl or wrinkle? Is it made out of plastic? And why is it only $60?

Here is the break down of the quality and features of the trade show roll up banner:

No cheap plastic pieces on the rugged metal hardware. It features a aluminum metal body that is roughly 33″ wide and about 80″ tall.

The PVC Vinyl material is a full double block out print and for those of you who don’t know what block out is, its a type of black material that is hidden behind the white vinyl print. This basically means that when the retractable trade show banner is sitting or standing in front of your customers they won’t be able to see through it. They will have a clear view of it without any sun shining through the back or front. There are some other companies in the local Toronto area who offer a less quality roll up banner but they type of material they use is fabric or a material that eventual yellows and curls.

Our Banners are printed on Epson S30670′s which offer an amazing color with Epson’s new print head. Our company has built an amazing reputation of consistent great quality by using these printers in our shop. We do have 9-10 other printers ranging from canon 8300′s, 9400′s, sublimation printers and more. We are bringing in a new line of Mutoh printers to sell and support our local market. Sorry I’m getting off topic of the trade show banner signs.

Why is it only $60? Well we have a manufacturing plant overseas and the company has made a big investment to offer better prices to our customers. No middleman to deal with passing the savings on to our customers. Great quality trade show banners and flags.

Other features of these trade show banner signs is that all of them come with a carrying case and its fully assembled and ready for your trade show. If your in the need of other indoor signs another popular sign that I’ve personally seen in Las Vegas trade shows are the advertising feathered flags. We have these in stock and they are very popular in the USA but not so popular in Canada. I do see the trend growing with feathered flags and tear drop flags as we’ve been receiving a lot of calls for these. We produce these in house and don’t outsource these.

Our office is in Markham a suburb of the greater Toronto area. Roughly 10 minutes from Toronto. Early access to pick up your products can be handled by going through our rear entrance in the back loading dock. Please make sure your product is ready by speaking with our customer service team.

If you need them in a rush there is a $30 rush fee which will have your banners complete in 1-2 business days.

Visit our Trade show / Corporate identity firm @

145 Riviera drive unit 1, Markham , Ontario, L3R 5J6 , Canada

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