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HD 7 Inch Reel (400ft)

HD 7 Inch Reel (400ft)
We transfer all standard 8mm and Super 8 silent. Our film transfer service is available in Markham a small suburb in the Greater Toronto area. Contact us at info@digitizeyourworld.ca

Our film transfers are made using a Tobin Cine System machines. With specialized software made specifically for these machines we are able to capture a crisp HD high quality imaging, accurate picture of each frame and assemble them into a standard or high-definition digital file for editing, color correction, and to the digital media of your choice.

All materials are made digital right here in our high-end studio in Markham/Toronto. Each 8mm reel is cleaned with a liquid solution, and then checked for damaged sprockets before transfer, which are repaired when possible. We will repair torn or broken reels by splicing them together on to bigger reels in any sequence you wish. When transferring the film to DVD format we separate each reel in chapters/titles that you specify. We price all of our film transfers by feet. Our prices are competitive as they start at $.12cents a foot for standard definition

After the film is made digital, our technician will then process the file at the correct framerate, giving the video a natural, human speed rather than the speedy look of old films people are used to with other film transfer services. The film is then digitally edited together with enhancements applied to correct any color or brightness/contrast imbalances and blank areas are removed and discounted.
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